Winter go in Grygov

All what you want to know about Go club Olomouc is here 🙂

Where you can find us

During the year you can find us in different places. It depends on weather and our current mood. For better orientation look below.

Faculty of Science UP

Faculty of Science Palacký University Olomouc

Address: 17. listopadu 1192/12
GPS: 49.592405, 17.263430

This is our Headquartes. You can find us in entrance hall. Our club meetings is situated here. Also we organize here traditional Olomouc tournament, which is one of best across the country.

Faculty of Science Palacký University

Botanic garden UP

Botanic garden Palacký University Olomouc

Address: U botanické Zahrady 920
GPS: 49.586351, 17.249090

Summer resorf of Olomouc go players. We are moving here every year with first summer sun rays and stay here until autumn sleet. Our playing place is situated in the middle of botanic garden. Except go game you can look forward to great tea.

Botanic Garden Palacký University


Grygov - former Cowshed

Address: N/A 🙂
Near: U mlýna 292, Grygov
GPS: 49.528523, 17.283327

We are very happy, that we can spend some great time in former Cowshed near Gryov village. It’s traditional place for summer tournament called “Turnájek u vody”. Main attraction is clear watter in local sand quarry. Thank you Zdeněk!

Grygov - former Cowshed

Göbl’s House

Göbl's House

Address: Sudova 32, Olomouc
GPS: 49.580098, 17.276152

Sudova 32 – Legendary Olomouc’s sead owned by a family of Göbl. Amazing place where go was played long time ago before most of us were born. Don’t miss opportunity to visit this place!

Göbl's House