General information:

Event: Grand Prix Finale 2017
Date: 18th – 21st January 2018
Venue: Faculty of Science, Palacky University Olomouc, Czechia
Qualified: Best 16 players from Bonus Point Tournaments view here
Tournament system: 3 preliminary rounds and 3 final rounds
Referee: Aleš Cieplý, Co-Referee Li Ting
Accomodation: 100 meters away in Generála Svoboda Dormitory
Live streaming: KGS Go Server

Playing site - Faculty of Science Palacký University

Accomodation - Generála Svobody Dormitory


– 15:00 – Registration
– 15:30 – Opening and Drawing
– 16:00 – 1st round (group phase)

– 10:00 – 2nd round (group phase)
– 15:00 – 3rd round (group phase)

– 10:00 – Opening Ceremony of the Weekend tournament
– 10:30 – 4th round (quaterfinal)
– 15:30 – 5th round (semifinal)

– 10:30 – 6th round (final)
– 16:00 – Closing Ceremony

*We use CET (GMT+1)

Antti Törmänen, 1p

We would like to let you know about the participation of Antti Törmänen at 1st European Grand Prix Finale as game commentator. He will guide you through semifinal and final matches.

Tournament-system in detail:

Game parameters:
– Even games, Chinese rules
– Fischer time – 45 minutes basic and 20 seconds additional per move
– “EGF Nigiri” in all games – the winner of nigiri decides about colour, the loser about clock-position

System of pairing for the preliminary rounds:
– 1. round (Thursday afternoon): By lot after having built groups A to D
– 2. round (Friday morning): Winners against winners and losers against losers of round 1
– 3. round (Friday afternoon): automatically defined

Order within a group after 3 rounds:
– Number of won games
– Number of won games in round 3
– Mutual game

All players have to play 3 rounds round robin in their groups
Top 2 players per group qualify for the finals, no more games for players ending 3rd and 4th place within their group.

Preparing lottery for building the preliminary tournament groups A to D:
– Build groups A, B, C and D by drawing per group one player from each pot

Pot #1
Ukraine Artem Kachnovskyi, 1p
Russia Ilja Shikshin, 1p
Poland Mateusz Surma, 1p
Slovakia Pavol Lisý, 1p

Pot #2
France Tanguy Le Calvé, 6d
Russia Alexander Dinerstein, 3p
Hungary Dominik Bövíz, 6d
Czechia Lukáš Podpěra, 7d

Pot #3
Israej Ali Jabarin, 1p
Austria Viktor Lin, 6d
Ukraine Andrii Kravets, 1p
Romania Cristian Pop, 7d

Pot #4
Serbia Dušan Mitić, 6d
Hungary Csaba Mérö, 6d
Spain Óscar Vázquez, 5d
Serbia Nikola Mitić, 6d

Substitute player:
Czech Republic Jan Hora, 6d

Group A

Ukraine Artem Kachnovskyi, 1pxxxwinwin
France Tanguy Le Calvé, 6dlossxxxwin
Israej Ali Jabarin, 1plossxxxwin
Serbia Nikola Mitić, 6dlosslossxxx

Group B

Slovakia Pavol Lisý, 1pxxxlosswin
Russia Alexander Dinerstein, 3pxxxlosswin
Romania Cristian Pop, 7dwinwinxxx
Hungary Csaba Mérö, 6dlosslossxxx

Group C

Poland Mateusz Surma, 1pxxxwinwin
Hungary Dominik Bövíz, 6dxxxlossloss
Ukraine Andrii Kravets, 1plosswinxxx
Serbia Dušan Mitić, 6dlosswinxxx

Group D

Russia Ilja Shikshin, 1pxxxwinwin
Czechia Lukáš Podpěra, 7dxxxlossloss
Austria Viktor Lin, 6dlosswinxxx
Spain Óscar Vázquez, 5dlosswinxxx

System of pairing for the final rounds:


Saturday morning

Quaterfinal 1
A1 – B2

Quaterfinal 2
C1 – D2

Quaterfinal 3
A2 – B1

Quaterfinal 4
C2 – D1


Saturday afternoon

Semifinal 1
winner QF1 – winner QF2

Semifinal 2
winner QF3 – winner QF4

Finals and 3th place

Sunday morning

3rd place
loser SF1 – loser SF2

winner SF1 – winner SF2

5th – 8th placement matches

saturday afternoon + sunday morning

5th – 8th place 1
loser QF1 – loser QF2

5rd place
winners of 5th – 8th matches

5th – 8th place 2
loser QF3 – loser QF4

7rd place
loosers of 5th – 8th matches