General information:

Event: Grand Prix Finale 2018
Date: 24th – 27th January 2019
Venue: Faculty of Science, Palacky University Olomouc, Czechia
Qualified: Best 16 players from Bonus Point Tournaments view here
Tournament system: 3 preliminary rounds and 3 final rounds
Referee: Aleš Cieplý
Accomodation: 100 meters away in Generála Svoboda Dormitory
Live streaming: KGS Go Server

Playing site - Faculty of Science Palacký University

Accomodation - Generála Svobody Dormitory


– 15:00 – Registration
– 15:30 – Opening and Drawing
– 16:00 – 1st round (group phase)

– 10:00 – 2nd round (group phase)
– 15:00 – 3rd round (group phase)

– 10:00 – Opening Ceremony of the Weekend tournament
– 10:30 – 4th round (quaterfinal)
– 15:30 – 5th round (semifinal)

– 10:30 – 6th round (final)
– 16:00 – Closing Ceremony

*We use CET (GMT+1)

Tournament-system in detail:

Game parameters:
– Even games, Chinese rules
– Fischer time – 45 minutes basic and 20 seconds additional per move
– “EGF Nigiri” in all games – the winner of nigiri decides about colour, the loser about clock-position

System of pairing for the preliminary rounds:
– 1. round (Thursday afternoon): By lot after having built groups A to D
– 2. round (Friday morning): Winners against winners and losers against losers of round 1
– 3. round (Friday afternoon): automatically defined

Order within a group after 3 rounds:
– Number of won games
– Number of won games in round 3
– Mutual game

All players have to play 3 rounds round robin in their groups
Top 2 players per group qualify for the finals, no more games for players ending 3rd and 4th place within their group.

Preparing lottery for building the preliminary tournament groups A to D:
– Build groups A, B, C and D by drawing per group one player from each pot

Pot #1
Slovakia Pavol Lisý, 2p
Russia Ilja Shikshin, 2p
Poland Mateusz Surma, 2p
Czechia Lukáš Podpěra, 7d

Pot #2
Ukraine Artem Kachnovskyi, 2p
Serbia Dušan Mitić, 7d
Israel Ali Jabarin, 2p
France Tanguy Le Calvé, 6d

Pot #3
Romania Cristian Pop, 7d
Poland Stanislaw Frejlak, 7d
Russia Alexander Dinerstein, 3p
Germany Jonas Welticke, 6d

Pot #4
France Remi Campagnie, 5d
Israel Amir Fragman, 5d
Czechia Ondřej Kruml, 5d
Belgium Lucas Neirynck, 5d

Substitute player: